ACC Power Rankings

Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings, Week 14

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1. North Carolina
W vs Pitt

Stomped Pitt. I mean, just crushed their souls. That was mean.

2. Virginia
L @ Duke, W vs NC State

Bounced back from a last-second loss at Duke to completely dismantle State. Their basketballing…it’s beautiful.

3. Syracuse
W vs Florida State, W @ Boston College

Wait, what? How did you guys get here?

4. Notre Dame
W vs Louisville

Not expected to be very good but are pretty good this season is weird. Sports.

5. Miami
W @ Florida State

Miami gets a win in Tallahassee, man the football in this conference is tough.

6. Duke
W vs Virginia

Was it a travel? Was it a foul? What do you say, Grayson?

7. Louisville
L @ Notre Dame

Things kinda not going well as we head into the end of the season and get ready for the ACC tourn-….oh…

8. Clemson
W vs Georgia Tech

Hey! Wake up, you guys aren’t terrible this year!

9. Pitt
L @ North Carolina

OK, we won’t talk about it.

10. Florida State
L @ Syracuse, L vs Miami

You guys are teetering on the edge of being good and being not so good and right now it’s leaning towards the bad side.

11. Virginia Tech

Not much has changed.

12. NC State
W vs Wake Forest, L @ Virginia

Hey, you guys are still fighting. Sort of.

13. Georgia Tech
W vs Wake Forest, L @ Clemson

Aw, dammit.

14. Wake Forest
L @ Georgia Tech, L @ NC State

Those pesky road games…maybe it’s the drive that gets you.

15. Boston College
L vs Syracuse

Everything is terrible.