Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings: Week 15

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1. North Carolina
L vs Duke, W vs Miami

Broken-hearted loss to Duke. Smash Miami. Coach is (not) retiring.

2. Miami
W vs Virginia Tech, L @ North Carolina, W vs Virginia


3. Virginia
L @ Miami

Better quit losing games if you want me to take you seriously. March Madness is coming and…

4. Duke
W @ North Carolina, L @ Louisville

I’m not going to talk about the Louisville loss, but that officiating?

5. Notre Dame
L @ Georgia Tech


6. Louisville
W vs Syracuse, W vs Duke

Two wins versus two good teams. Good.

7. Syracuse
L @ Louisville, L @ Pitt

Louisville I get. Getting pantsed by Pitt? Get outta here with that.

8. Pitt
W vs Wake Forest, W vs Syracuse

I don’t like you.

9. Clemson
W vs Boston College, L @ NC State

Not a good week. No sir.

10. Virginia Tech
L @ Miami, W vs Florida State


11. Georgia Tech
W @ Florida State, W vs Notre Dame

Nice try, Brian Gregory. You’re not fooling me.

12. NC State
W vs Clemson

Holy crap a victory.

13. Florida State
L vs Georgia Tech, L @ Virginia Tech

Dammit, guys.

14. Wake Forest
L @ Pitt, W vs Boston College

Hold on before you celebrate too quickly…

15. Boston College
L @ Clemson, L @ Wake Forest

Losses. Losses everywhere.