Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings: Week 16

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1. Virginia
W vs North Carolina


2. North Carolina
W @ NC State, L @ Virginia, W vs Syracuse

Frickin’ dadgum Virginia always gettin’ in the way.

3. Miami
W vs Louisville

I always suck at picking gifs for miami, so…

4. Duke
W vs Florida State, L @ Pitt


5. Louisville
W @ Pitt, L @ Miami

Your season is meaningless. Just like the win versus Pitt.

6. Notre Dame
W @ Wake Forest, L @ Florida State


7. Pitt
L vs Louisville, W vs Duke

You make no sense.

8. Syracuse
W vs NC State, L @ North Carolina

At times this season has gone well, and at times…

9. Virginia Tech
W @ Boston College, W @ Wake Forest

Some sort of progress is still progress.

10. Georgia Tech
W vs Clemson, W @ Boston College

Woooo! Wait, Brian Gregory is still your coach, aw dammit.

11. Clemson
L @ Georgia Tech

Shut it down.

12. Florida State
L @ Duke, W @ Notre Dame

You’re probably not good but you play good sometimes and I don’t know.

13. NC State
L vs North Carolina, L @ Syracuse

Go away.

14. Wake Forest
L vs Notre Dame, L vs Virginia Tech

Plenty of programs have no direction, guys.

15. Boston College
L vs Virginia Tech, L vs Georgia Tech

It’s almost over, you guys. That’s not how you basketball, anyway.