Giftastic Recap of the Amended UNC NOA

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UNC lost the National Championship to Villanova on a last-second shot. UNC fans were all:

And State and Duke fans were all:

News started funneling out that the amended Notice of Allegations would be coming to UNC soon, leaving State and Duke fans:

Meanwhile, “insiders” on Pack Pride and twitter start discussing leaks about the NOA, getting State fans riled up:

And UNC fans questioning their religion:

A particular handle, @RCCPMD, tweets out seemingly relevant tidbits about the severity of the amendments, and State fans are all:

When today it was announced that UNC had received the NOA, UNC fans were all:

And everyone else was all:

And when UNC announced they’d release it that same afternoon:

When @RCCPMD revealed that it was all a ruse, UNC fans were all:

And Pack Pride was all:

And the amended NOA came out and somehow, magically, there were reduced violations, leaving State and Duke fans all:

UNC fans all:

Triangle media all:

And the NCAA all: