Miami’s D Stuffs Duke


Who won?

Miami’s D Stuffs Duke, 31-6.


Duke’s offense scraped out two field goals. And that was about it. Otherwise, it would’ve been 31-0.


It was bad right out of the gate for Duke, unfortunately.

What are people talking about?

Miami’s defense was stifling. They were fast and in Duke’s face from start to finish. Duke only had 125 yards in the second half and no points. Daniel Jones was harassed most of the night, throwing an interception and fumbling once. But Daniel Jones is still really good.

What should people be talking about?

Third down conversion fails and not cashing in on trips inside the red zone. Additionally, Duke’s passing game has fallen off the last three weeks and that’s several drives and touchdown opportunities. That’s rare for a Cutcliffe-led team.

What’s next?

Duke travels to Charlottesville next Saturday to take on Virginia.


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