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North Carolina 76, Duke 72: A Giftastic Recap

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Duke and UNC are getting together as the Heels are trying to wrap up the ACC Regular Season title:

Duke comes out a little tight, with UNC pulling out to an 8-2 lead in the first five minutes, Duke fans all:

UNC fan:

UNC keeps pushing and moves out to a 20-9 lead, leaving UNC like:

And Duke like:

But wait! A big Duke surge makes it 29-27 with 5 minutes to go in the first half, and the Crazies go wild:

And UNC fans take that as well as could be expected:

But Duke only scores 5 more points in 5 minutes and the Heels take a 40-32 lead into halftime, reviving the spirits of UNC fans:

And quieting Duke fans a bit:

Both teams spend a good part of the first five minutes of the second half doing terrible basketball things:

Duke ties it at 49 on a Grayson Allen 3 and Cameron gets kinda loud:

Two straight bad possessions by Grayson Allen and Duke after tying the game got Duke fans like:

And UNC fans like:

UNC pulls away after that, pushing the lead back out to 9, and this one is pretty much over:

Duke fans:

UNC wins 76-72, locking up the first place seed in the ACC Tournament:

And sending Duke away to sulk: