Prop Bets for Duke/UNC Hoops

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We are just a little over 24 hours away from the biggest college basketball game of the year…well until they play the second one in 3 weeks!

While we await the official betting line for the Duke vs UNC game tomorrow night (we think it will be UNC -6ish), we’ve been able to put together a list of prop bets to think on and maybe win a few bets with your friends while watching.

Which will be the first Duke/UNC nostalgia moment to be shown:
“Capel Shot”+150
“Rivers Shot” +175
“Stackhouse Dunk” +225
“Marvin Williams shot” +400
“Doherty/Collins fight” +700
“Montross bloody nose” +1000
“The Field” +300

What will be the Primary Color in Roy Williams Tie:
Carolina Blue +150
Lavender +220
Royal Blue +400
Mahogany +700
The Field +175

First phrase to mentioned:
“Battle of the Blues” -110
“Battle of Tobacco Road” +200
“8 miles apart” +250
“15-501” +400

Over/Under total Duke coaches in navy suits: 4.5

Over/Under Time it will take ALL Duke managers to clear the floor after the first half:
4.5 seconds (clock begins after first half clock hits 0:00)

Which number will be higher?
Wainstein Report Total Pages (+175)
Total Points scored between Duke/UNC (-220)

Will it be mentioned Brandon Ingram was one of the first players in the “Kinston, NC pipeline” to NOT go to UNC?
Yes -330
No +440

When will Grayson Allen be called for a traveling violation:
Over/Under 17:59 remaining in first half.

Which number will be higher?
Sean Obi total minutes played (For partials, round to nearest whole number)
Chase Jeter total fouls