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Virginia basketball, let’s bury the hatchet

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Okay, Hoos. Let’s do this. We’re ACC. You’re ACC. Let’s put our differences aside and go into March Madness hand-in-hand. We’re not going to agree that you play an entertaining brand of basketball, and we’re not going to point out that those two or three trips against North Carolina that could have been a transition basket ended up being missed shots in the half-court offense likely cost you an ACC Championship. In fact, we ENJOY watching you get mad arguing that a slow pace is just as enjoyable and just as successful as an up-tempo pace.

We respect your passion. Your fans were great in DC. You guys were loud, your band is pretty cool, and although you only brought four of them, your dance team did an outstanding job of filling the Ladybirds-sized void during media timeouts. Major props are in order for your commitment to cheering the end of the shot clock as well.

Our heart will always be based in North Carolina, but if we had to pick one neighboring state to put our arms around and hug like you’re our family, we’d pick Virginia 100 times out of 100. Except for when Clemson football is playing. But we’re proud of you for earning a 1 seed, and we want you to do well in March. Go Hoos. You have our endorsement.