West Virginia Issues Notre Dame Deliverance From Tourney: the SC8 Recap

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Who Won: West Virginia beat Notre Dame 83-71.

Why: Notre Dame never recovered from being down 10-0, and didn’t have a great plan for the press.

GIF that describes the game: Notre Dame out.

What will people be talking about: 

Most likely the discussion will center around how tough West Virginia’s press is, but VJ Beachem’s shooting will also be a talking point.

What should people be talking about:

Both of those things are probably the most valid takeaways from the game. No one on Notre Dame played great, but Beachem’s shooting woes have stretched a few games now. Who knows why a shooter struggles at shooting? But people will ask. The better question is why Mike Brey didn’t have a better plan for breaking the press and getting his team comfortable on offense. Did they not read the SportsChannel8 Notebook for today?

What’s next for this team:

 I don’t know if anyone at Notre Dame is connected upstairs, but I would suggest praying HARD that Bonzie Colson decides to stay in school. West Virginia will knock out 1-seed Gonzaga, if Northwestern doesn’t do it first. 

Quote: “I’m gonna go recruit.” – Bob Huggins, when asked by Allie Laforce of CBS how he was going to celebrate.

8 is wild: