ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings


1. Duke

Last: W vs Notre Dame, 94-60

It used to be the case that there were 3 great teams in the ACC. I think after the last week or so, we can safely it’s just 1.

2. Florida State

Last: W vs Syracuse, 80-77

Almost let that one slip away, but never doubt our man Stan.

3. Louisville

Last: L @ Clemson, 77-62

Here’s Louisville trying to ride out this season to a successful conclusion. This video is legit from Kentucky. Maybe. Possibly.

4. Virginia?

Last: W @ UNC, 64-62

This team is fourth. That’s all you need to know about this season. Here’s how Virginia fans discussing their team during intimate conversations:

5. NC State

Last: L at Boston College, 71-68

Where have you gone, good Markell? Like State’s NCAA chances, maybe up in smoke…

6. Notre Dame

Last: W vs UNC, 77-76

Not even going to talk about that Duke loss…you know what you did yesterday

7. Syracuse

Last: L @ FSU, 80-77

Suck. Zone. Suck Zone.

8. Clemson

Last: W vs Louisville, 77-62

Brad Brownell has found himself a winning streak.

9. Virginia Tech

Last: W vs Pitt, 67-57

Back half of the schedule hit you like:

10. Boston College

Last: W vs NC State, 71-68

Great win but I still couldn’t pick your coach out of lineup…

11. Pitt

Last: L @ Virginia Tech, 67-57

Virginia Tech is in freewill. Pitt is in freer fall?

12. Georgia Tech

Last: W vs Louisville, 64-58

Anyone other than Josh Pastner as your coach and GT might be cooking with gas…

13. Miami

Last: W vs Wake Forest, 71-54

What the heck Miami, you’re down too many games to matter…

14. Wake Forest

Last: L @ Miami, 71-54

Raise your hand if you didn’t see that UNC win letdown coming…

15. North Carolina</h4
Last: L vs Notre Dame, 77-76

Roy Williams said a bad word.