Shelter-In-Place Giftastic Power Rankings


You want ’em? No? Well, you’re getting them, anyway. It’s the Shelter-In-Place Work-From-Home Giftastic Power Rankings!

1. Internet

That’s right. Without the world wide web, we couldn’t do anything. And we’d likely murder our family members.

2. Beer

Needs no explanation here.

3. Golf

A lot of sports are off limits. But not the best one.

4. Wine

Like beer, no explanation needed.

5. Grocery Store Pick-up Services

Not everyone had jumped on board the ‘grocery shopping via app’ train, but without it, I’d be totally lost.

6. Amazon

You beautiful thing, you.

7. Evening Walks

Can’t go to bars. Can’t go to restaurants. Load up the greenways.

8. Cocktails

You can’t buy drinks. But you can make drinks.

9. Board Games

Lot of fights over Monopoly.

10. Driveway Basketball

Fights over games of 21. Trick shots. Everything is on the table.

11. Toilet Paper

Would be higher but no one can find it.

12. Sidewalk Chalk

A creative outlet for the whole family.

13. Tiger King

Fallen down the board a bit given he was so early in the pandemic, but still a power player.

14. Zoom Meetings

They’ve brought us plenty of hilarious moments.

15. Patience

I know we’re running low, but sometimes it’s all we got.