Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings


Well, I suppose it’s time to bring these back with the season on the downslope and things headed towards the finish line. We still don’t know exactly what to make of things to this point, but it’s been a hell of a ride. Given this Friday is February 14th, these giftastic power rankings may have a bit of a romantic movie vibe.

1. Duke

Last: W at UNC, 98-96

Used the intentionally missed free throw to take your rival to overtime and eventually beat them on their court? We see you, Tre Jones.

2. Louisville

Last: W vs UVA, 80-73

You let Virginia score 73 points. Woof.

3. Florida State

Last: W vs Miami, 99-81

Little dicey there in the first half, but Our Man Stan pulled the squad together in the second half with a rousing halftime speech.

4. Syracuse?

Last: W vs Wake Forest, 75-73

Honestly, you should’ve lost that one.

5. Virginia

Last: L at Louisville, 80-73

Only scored 70 points once all year. And it was a loss. God, you’re so boring.

6. Notre Dame

Last: W at Clemson, 61-57

Hey! You’ve won 4 in a row! But they were against Clemson, Pitt, GT, and Wake…so…

7. NC State?

Last: W at Miami, 83-72

I don’t know, man, y’all still gross.

8. Boston College

Last: W at Virginia Tech, 77-73

What the hell is going on?

9. Pittsburgh

Last: W vs Georgia Tech, 73-64

Capel and crew are beginning to turn things around a bit.

10. Georgia Tech

Last: L at Pittsburgh, 73-64

GT has some impressive wins on its resume. Also some impressive flops.

11. Clemson

Last: L vs Notre Dame, 61-57

Failed to break 50 points in two of your last three games…

12. Virginia Tech

Last: L vs Boston College, 77-73

Really put up some clunkers against the worst teams in the league the last couple weeks…

13. Miami

Last: L at FSU, 99-81

Anyone that puts a whooping on Stan Jones for a half gets our attention.

14. Wake Forest

Last: L at Syracuse, 75-73

Like his time left at Wake Forest, Danny Manning’s suits appear to be growing shorter…

15. North Carolina

Last: L vs Duke, 98-96

Every time UNC thinks it’s safe to peek around the corner…