Author: Brenden Whitted

Brenden Whitted

Brenden Whitted graduated from Howard University before earning his JD and Sports Certificate from Tulane University. He has served as a sports web editor as well as a co-host on a daily sports radio show. He is a proud member of the League Pass Lair and co-host of the Panthers Blitz podcast (available on itunes and #GoPanthers #GoHornets #GoHeels

NBA Beefs: Heat up, Eat Up

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This Stephen Jackson/Andrew Wiggins/Jimmy Butler beef has already given NBA fans much-needed sustenance to traverse the desert of NBA offseason. Whether its Wiggins’ brother celebrating Butler’s potential departure, or Butler’s response, the feeling of the NBA has begun to course through the veins of many of its participants…and former players apparently aren’t immune either. Stephen… Read more »

Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Need Consistency to to Ace Class

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If the NFL was a classroom, it would be filled with C students. Through seven weeks, there are no undefeated teams, and there is only one team (Philadelphia) that has lost just one time. But all C-students aren’t built the same. There are those that are consistently mediocre, and then those that tantalize the teacher… Read more »