Baseball de Mayo


With no Weekly Bull8in this week (if you haven’t subscribed yet to our newsletter, do it!), I’ve decided to post what would have been this week’s “Max’s Corner” right here on the SC8 website. It’s Cinco de Mayo, so taking a risk like this one (posting without permission from the SC8 big-wigs) seems warranted.

Speaking of Cinco de Mayo, my apologies, but I have absolutely NO idea what this holiday is actually about. Call me ignorant if you want, but then I’m going to turn around and ask you how much you know about Purim. From what I’ve gathered, Cinco de Mayo means we get to hang out with our friends, drink, and sometimes even wear cool hats. I can get on board with that!

At SportsChannel8, our attitude toward baseball is a lot like my attitude toward Cinco de Mayo. We’re not gonna act like we know a ton about baseball and we certainly don’t cover it very closely. What can you expect from SC8 on the topic of baseball? Well, you’ve got Goodson’s weekly rundown of Minor League Baseball promotions happening throughout North Carolina. That’s the ultimate “Cinco de Mayo” approach to covering baseball, isn’t it? Who cares if you don’t know much about what’s going on during the game (just as we don’t know much about Cinco de Mayo as we celebrate it)? Goodson is essentially giving us a weekly list of games you can attend with your friends while drinking and sometimes even wearing cool hats. Again, we can get on board with that!

Editor’s note: Baseball is actually my favorite sport and I nerd out about it regularly, but I try to keep that on the low with the rest of the SC8 staff. Please don’t tell them. I might get fired. And then who’d write Max’s Corner for you every week?