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Ben Swain

Hoping to cut his journalistic teeth on the Iraq war, Swain was instead mistakenly assigned the North Carolina sports beat as an intern out of college. He threw himself into the work with the same fervor he anticipated taking to the front lines and has become one of the most respected voices in modern sports media. He’s also a Duke fan from Durham County who went State. And Guilford.

FIFA World Cup 2018: A H8ers Guide


The FIFA World Cup begins this week, and there is no shortage of “Who to root for” guides around the internet for fans who want to enjoy the event, but usually just tune in to watch the US. It’s a nice thought to pick a team to support as your own since our guys didn’t… Read more »

Wolfpack Worth the Wait?


According to a random UNC fan on twitter, NC State has failed to win a conference or division title in any significant sport in 26 years. It's official: for the 26th consecutive year, NC State has failed to win so much as a share of a division title, regular season ACC title, or ACC tournament… Read more »

“Alexa, troll the Washington Capitals”


Maybe you have an Amazon Echo. Maybe, like me, your Dad gave one to everyone in your family for Christmas. Perhaps, as with me, you use it primarily to turn on some music from time to time, ask it about the weather occasionally, and get creeped by it once a week when it responds to… Read more »

Media Musings: Tourney Time for ACC Baseball Broadcasts


by R.L Bynum Many times, college baseball broadcasts solo shows Unlike the three-announcer crews common for football and men’s basketball radio broadcasts, many times college baseball broadcasts — much like the minor leagues — are solo shows. Their coverage begins when basketball is the focus of most fans, with little attention and much smaller audiences… Read more »

Will David Tepper Bring His Big Brass Balls To Charlotte?


This is David Tepper: He is about to enter the 32-member NFL Owners Club, one of the most elite, wealthy, powerful clubs in America. More specifically, he’s about to become the owner of the Carolina Panthers, which means you’re about to see headlines like: How Much Did David Tepper Pay For The Panthers? and 5 Things… Read more »