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Brian Geisinger

While he could probably do the job of the news director (who JUST got got on snapchat last week) better than him, for now Brian is working for Sports Channel 8 because he can work from home and they agreed to pay for half of his NBA League Pass. Next he’ll probably either work for his friend’s new bakery in downtown Raleigh or tend bar because at least those places he’ll meet girls. He’s also a Wake Forest fan from Guilford County who went to State.

The Supportive Minute: Cubs Win Episode

The Supportive Minute

Supportive Guy is a bright spot in a world of social media negativity. To learn more about him, check his write-up in the Charlotte Observer. In today’s episode, he talks to lifelong Cubs fan Richard Averitte about his team finally winning the World Series.

Cheater Never Win Podcast: Who’s Our Goalie?

Cheaters Never Win

SportsChannel8’s Carolina Hurricanes coverage is led by the guys from Section 328, season ticket holders who make noise and follow the news as well as any Canes fans out there. NEWS: you can now use the promo code “CHEATERS” to get cash back on your first purchase when you sign up and buy tickets on SeatGeek…. Read more »

College Hoops Preview Podcast, Pt. 3

The SC8 Podcast

Our College Hoops Preview Podcast with Matt Jones and Ben Swain concludes with Part 3, where we focus on Duke and Kentucky–the two teams CBS hopes will face each other in the finals. How much do the programs care about each other? What will need to happen for either team to add another trophy to the… Read more »

College Hoops Preview Podcast, Part 2

The SC8 Podcast

Our College Hoops Preview Podcast was so jam-packed with fun topics we had to break it into 3 parts. In Pt. 1 we talk about the state of the college basketball game, and in Pt. 2 we talk specifically about the upcoming season, which teams will compete with Kentucky and Duke for a title, and… Read more »

College Hoops Preview Podcast, Part 1

The SC8 Podcast

Even as the state of North Carolina has added NBA, NFL and, more recently, competitive college football teams, one thing has always reigned supreme: College Basketball (and, NASCAR, sort of…but MOSTLY….college basketball) It should be another great year for hoops in the state as Duke shoulders the mantle of preseason #1, UNC returns a ton… Read more »

Burgundy Blogcast, Season 2, Episode 9

Burgundy Blogcast

Before the Panthers came to town, the most followed NFL team in the Carolinas was the Washington Redskins. For a generation of North Carolinians, an affinity for the team in our nation’s capital still remains. For this reason, SportsChannel8 brings you the Burgundy Blogcast, the official podcast of our good friend Burgundy Blog. The tie… Read more »