The Insane NCFC Sequence You Will Watch At Least 6 Times


This past Saturday’s North Carolina FC match included a few memorable things. First, our friends over at Raleigh City Sports debuted (debrewed?) their own beer:

Next, NCFC earned a draw with a goal in the 81st minute, scratching out a point after falling behind in the second half. With Charleston being a long-time rival and 1point in the standings always being better than none, it was nice to see the bounce back goal.

But the most talked about moment by far will be this overtime flurry by NCFC that somehow did not result in a goal:

Just to highlight how insane this was….here is the transcript of the play-by-play:

“Shipalane…open on the far side is Blanco….Shipalane goes this side to Rios, Rios can finish….Rios! Back across!…Loose!…STILL LOOSE….Dropped….OH MY…Cleared!…Bekker’s got it!….back again, SHIPALANEEEEEE OH!…(color commentator cackles)…OFF THE POST!…STILL loose…(color commentator: what in the world?!)”

The team is on the road this Saturday against Bethlehem Steel FC, and back at home on July 21st against Toronto FC II.