Wells Fargo Championship: Gr8 Spect8ing Spots


The Wells Fargo is taking a year away from Quail Hollow (who will host the PGA Championship late this year) and is enjoying a 1-year stint at Eagle Point outside Wilmington, NC (though I’m pretty sure I parked in Pender County).

Since it’s the first–and probably only–year of holding the tourney at the coast, folks aren’t as familiar with the course as they are Quail Hollow. Never fear: our reporters were out walking the course and drinking beers before 9am this morning, all in an effort to give you a better viewing experience. The course has some hills but is not too tough to walk and has some great views; the course looks fantastic. There aren’t a lot of public grandstands–especially on the front nine–but there are enough hills and knolls scattered among plenty of clear space to make the course viewing accessible. In no particular order, here are 8 Gr8 Spect8ing places at Eagle Point for the Wells Fargo Championship:

  1. 1. Behind 17 tee: #17 is the signature hole on the course, and it’s a great drive to view as the tee box looks to the fairway. You can also turn and catch approach shots that lob above the tree line and stay visible as they hit the green on #13, where you can see putts as well.

2. To the right of 17 fairway: again, #17 is a fun hole to watch. From the fairway you can watch drives comes in plus approach shots back up to the green. You also have a great view of the #12 green, and there’s a beer tent right there that usually isn’t too crowded.

3. Between 1 and 2 green: there’s a nice little spot in between the two greens (and bonus if you get there early and stake out the lone tree that provides shade in that patch) from where you can watch putts on #1 and basically see all of the par-3 #2.

4. Beside 3 tee: you can catch a lot of action here–great views of #2 and #4 greens, plus the drive on the relatively short par-4 #3.

5. To the left of 15 green: avoid the seating areas and stay on the left side of #15 and you can get a pretty good look at not only #15 green but #1 as well.

6. To the left of 7 fairway: this is a quiet, shady spot not likely to have a lot of crowds. But it’s a short par 4, and if you stand in the right spot (look for the TV cameras) you can see the drive coming right at you, then watch the approach and putt without moving.

7. Beside 9 green: this area can get a bit congested, but you can see the #9 green and basically catch all of the par-3 10th from one spot.

8. Practice Range: Other than being able to stand near them and maybe get an autograph when they com off, I don’t understand why people watch golfers practice putt. But I could watch pro golfers groove balls at the driving range all day. Plus you can usually catch a little banter between players–way more so than on the putting green.

Enjoy the golf–and if you see SportsChannel8 on the course, buy us a beer!