Who should the Hornets sign in free agency? Queen City Hoops has their options.


NBA Free Agency cranks up this weekend and, yes, while most people are focused intently on what LeBron James and few handful of other big name stars are going to do, there is a lot of money that will be flying a lot of places and several NBA faces change teams.

The guys over at Queen City Hoops & Buzz Beat Radio will be covering all the action as it happens, but before things even get started, they’ve put together a primer on who the Hornets might be targeting. Remember, before you say something dumb like, “Why don’t we try to get Kawhi Leonard? I hear he’s good and available.” just know that there are all kinds of terms like ‘salary cap’, ‘luxury tax’, ‘Bird Rights’, ‘mid-level exceptions’ that you probably don’t understand (if you DO understand them, congratulations–you’re a huge NBA nerd like Spencer, Richie and Brian). 

That’s not to say the Hornets absolutely won’t sign a player not on this list (I’m telling you Ty Lawson is ready for a comeback!!!!), but overall it’s a great list of potential targets:

Personally? I’d be happy with any of the following: Seth Curry, Wayne Ellington, Rodney Hood, Joe Harris, Jerami Grant or Montrezl Harrell. Give me all your ACC free agents.