ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings 1-3-2019


ACC play is here! VT and NC State are on top of the pile for now, but where do we think the rest of the ACC stands as we start the conference slate? Check out the ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings 1-3-2019!

1. Duke, 11-1

When someone tells you Duke probably isn’t the best team in the country…

2. Virginia Tech

Technically could be #1 since they’re the only team with a league win at this point.

3. Virginia

They may have gotten past UMBC. We haven’t. (Spoiler: We never will)

4. North Carolina

Hard to figure UNC out. Only team in the Top 15 with 3 losses.

5. NC State

I think NC State is good? Their schedule sucks, but I think they’re good?

6. Florida State

I put them behind State b/c they both have one loss, but FSU’s loss is to a worse team.

7. Clemson

Starting to get to the part of the conference where everything is muddied.

8. Syracuse

Boeheim still coaching and putting out average to slightly above average teams. Go Geriatrics!

9. Louisville

They’re playing solid. Not great, but solid.

10. Pitt

Jeff Capel has his squad in a way better spot than Kevin Stallings had them.

11. Miami

Lost a potential all-ACC talent today. Things are fine in Miami.

12. Boston College

I thought things would be different this year. I thought wrong.

13. Georgia Tech

Y’all lost to Gardner Webb. Just sit down and be quiet for a while.

14. Notre Dame

Listen, if you lose Bonzie Colson, you lose. Period.

15. Wake Forest

Garbage. Just straight garbage. Here’s Wake’s run of late: