ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings 2-1-2019


Back after a week off, I’ve got the last update to your ACC Power Rankings. Duke and Virginia switch spots and Wake Forest tumbles back to the bottom. See where your team falls in this edition of ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings 2-1-2019!

1. Duke
W vs Virginia, W @ Pitt, W vs Georgia Tech, W @ Notre Dame

Opponents: “Hey, make Zion use his off-hand…”
Zion: “OK”

2. Virginia
L @ Duke, W vs Wake Forest, W @ Notre Dame, W @ NC State

Avoided a serious mistake in Raleigh.

3. North Carolina
W @ Miami, W vs Virginia Tech, W @ Georgia Tech

Beat their last two opponents by an average of 22 points. Look out Louisville…

4. Virginia Tech
W vs Wake Forest, L @ North Carolina, W vs Syracuse, W @ Miami

They’re either blowing people out or getting blown out. There’s no middle ground here.

5. Syracuse
W vs Pitt, W vs Miami, L @ Virginia Tech, W @ Boston College

Lost to the only team they played that was worth a damn.

6. Louisville
W @ Georgia Tech, W vs NC State, W vs Pitt, W @ Wake Forest

A four game winning streak is impressive until you really look at who they played…

7. NC State
W @ Notre Dame, L @ Louisville, W vs Clemson, L vs Virginia

So close, yet so far…

8. Florida State
L @ Boston College, W vs Clemson, W @ Miami

That loss to Boston College really hits you in the face…

9. Clemson
L @ Florida State, L @ NC State, W vs Pitt

Bounced back from a heartbreaking loss to NC State to beat Pitt…

10. Boston College
W vs Florida State, W @ Wake Forest, L vs Syracuse

When you go to read about Boston College basketball and all the top articles are written by media in their opponents market…

11. Pitt
L @ Syracuse, L vs Duke, L @ Louisville, L @ Clemson

Certainly better position than when Stallings was there, but you can’t really tell based on the results of the last couple weeks…

12. Georgia Tech
L vs Louisville, W vs Notre Dame, L @ Duke, L vs North Carolina

Snuck in a win against Notre Dame while getting blasted otherwise…

13. Miami
L vs North Carolina, L @ Syracuse, L vs Florida State, L vs Virginia Tech

Here’s Miami facing their last four-game stretch…

14. Notre Dame
L vs NC State, L @ Georgia Tech, L vs Virginia, L vs Duke

There is something wrong with Notre Dame. They are irrevocably broken.

15. Wake Forest
L @ Virginia Tech, L @ Virginia, L vs Boston College, L vs Louisville

Wake Forest against the ACC schedule…