ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings 2-15-2019


Looks like Duke remains on top and Wake remains on the bottom. The middle is a mess, but definitely worth checking out. Here are the ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings 2-15-2019!

1. Duke
W @ Virginia, W @ Louisville

Duke is Duke.

2. Virginia
L vs Duke, W @ UNC

The Cavaliers have entrenched their place at the top of the tier below the upper echelon college basketball elites. So close!

3. North Carolina
W vs Miami, L vs Virginia

Weird how UNC struggles after spending so much energy to defeat a non-rival…

4. Virginia Tech
L @ Clemson, W vs Georgia Tech

Is Buzz’s team actually good?

5. Florida State
W vs Louisville, W vs Wake Forest

FSU has had a really good stretch so it’s time for a confusing loss to a bad team, oh look, here’s Georgia Tech

6. Louisville
L @ Florida State, L vs Duke

Louisville trying to hang on to that lead against Duke like:

7. NC State
W @ Pitt, W vs Syracuse

Holy crap, back to back conference wins! Celebrate!

8. Syracuse
W vs Boston College, L @ NC State

Syracuse’s schedule is about to get a lot more difficult.

9. Clemson
W vs Virginia Tech, L @ Miami

If Clemson was an auto mechanic:

10. Boston College
L @ Syracuse, W vs Pitt

Gosh, this part of the conference is gross.

11. Miami
L @ UNC, W vs Clemson

Gagged up a win against UNC in Chapel Hill.

12. Notre Dame
W vs Georgia Tech

Notre Dame out here just trying to hang on.

13. Georgia Tech
L @ Notre Dame, L @ Virginia Tech

Couldn’t even beat a hapless Notre Dame team.

14. Pitt
L vs NC State, L @ Boston College

Pitt basketball, trying to correct course after 8 straight losses:

15. Wake Forest
L @ Florida State

Pretty soon, I’m just going to stop telling you who Wake played because it really won’t matter. Here’s a shot of Wake Forest admins handling all the angry letters coming in from Wake fans.