ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings 2-28-2019


The loss of Zion saw Duke take a tumble and Wake Forest rose from the depths. Wait, why is Boston College ranked so highly? What is happening? Check out the ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings 2-28-2019

1. Virginia
W vs Notre Dame, W @ Virginia Tech, W @ Louisville, W vs Georgia Tech

When you realize that Virginia will be in the ACC Tournament…in Charlotte…as a 1-seed…

2. North Carolina
W @ Wake Forest, W @ Duke, W vs Florida State, W vs Syracuse

Lots of effort and focus over the last few weeks. Locked in. Laser focus.

3. Virginia Tech
W @ Pitt, L vs Virginia, W @ Notre Dame, W vs Duke

Have beaten a team in the KenPom Top 35 exactly twice all season…

4. Florida State
W @ Georgia Tech, W @ Clemson, L @ North Carolina, W vs Notre Dame

When you realize your best win in two weeks was against Clemson…

5. Duke
W vs NC State, L vs North Carolina, W @ Syracuse, L @ Virginia Tech

ZiOn IsN’t ThAt BiG oF a LoSs

6. NC State
L @ Duke, W vs Boston College, W vs Wake Forest

NC State, holding its NCAA chances in its hands…

7. Clemson
L @ Louisville, L vs Florida State, W vs Boston College, W @ Pitt

When Clemson looks up and sees it plays UNC this weekend…

8. Louisville
W vs Clemson, L @ Syracuse, L vs Virginia, L @ Boston College

Let’s take a look at the Cardinals’ run of late…

9. Boston College
W vs Miami, L @ NC State, L @ Clemson, W vs Louisville

Whoa, wait, you’re not supposed to be this high…

10. Syracuse
W vs Louisville, L vs Duke, L @ North Carolina

Gonna lose at Carolina and complain about free throw differential?

11. Miami
L @ Boston College, W vs Georgia Tech, L @ Wake Forest

Miami trying to hang on to their lead late against Wake…

12. Georgia Tech
L vs Florida State, W vs Pitt, L @ Miami, L @ Virginia

I’m blown away by your ineptitude

13. Wake Forest
L vs North Carolina, W @ Notre Dame, L @ NC State, W vs Miami

Don’t let those two squeaky wins distract you from the fact they got absolutely smoked in the two losses…

14. Notre Dame
L @ Virginia, L vs Wake Forest, L vs Virginia Tech, L @ Florida State

When you look up and realize what happened to Notre Dame basketball:

15. Pitt
L vs Virginia Tech, L @ Georgia Tech, L vs Clemson

It’s hard to imagine falling on your face as hard as Pitt is doing down the stretch…