ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings – 3/11/2017

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ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings – 3/11/2017

1. UNC
W vs Duke, W vs Miami, L vs Duke

Just when you were thinking they looked unbeatable, they go and get their ass kicked in the ACCT semifinals.

2. Duke
L vs UNC, W vs Clemson, W vs Louisville, W vs UNC

Grayson Allen back? Harry Giles becoming a big factor? Duke on the come up.

3. Notre Dame
L vs Louisville, W vs Virginia, W vs Florida State

Coming off the loss to Louisville, have looked fantastic thus far in the ACC tournament.

4. Miami
L vs Florida State, W vs Syracuse, L vs UNC

Losing 2 out of 3 before the NCAA tournament is probably not how you wanted to close the year out.

5. Louisville
W vs Notre Dame, L vs Duke

The ACC tournament is hard.

6. Florida State
W vs Miami, W vs Virginia Tech, L vs Notre Dame

Someone check on Xavier Rathan-Mayes after that sideline blistering he got from Leonard Hamilton

7. Wake Forest
W vs Virginia Tech, W vs Boston College, L vs Virginia Tech

Needed that win against VT to get on the safe side of the bubble. So…

8. Virginia
W vs Pitt, W vs Pitt, L vs Notre Dame

When you had to play a real team, you f**king blew it.

9. Virginia Tech
L vs Wake Forest, W vs Wake Forest, L vs Notre Dame

Maroon. It’s maroon.

10. Syracuse
W vs Georgia Tech, L vs Miami

Greensboro has more value than you have ACC Tournament wins.

11. Georgia Tech
W vs Syracuse, L vs Pitt

Your ACC Coach of the Year, everyone!

12. Clemson
W vs Boston College, W vs NC State, L vs Duke

Go ahead and fire your coach already. Your direction only leads to despair.

13. Pitt
L vs Virginia, W vs Georgia Tech, L vs Virginia


14. NC State
L vs Clemson

Destroyed by a team you had a week to prepare for…you are a factory of sadness.

15. Boston College
L vs Clemson, L vs Wake Forest

Full stop.