ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings


ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings – 2/23/2017

1. UNC
W vs Virginia, W vs Louisville

Look like champions right now. Doing this to all the haters…

2. Miami
W vs Clemson, W vs Virginia

*checks math* Won 6 of last 8…. Well, shit. I guess you kinda belong here. Sorta.

3. Duke
W vs Wake Forest, L vs Syracuse

A buzzer beater might cost them a shot at the regular season championship.

4. Louisville
W vs VT, L vs UNC

Was there a second heckler that cost Louisville a win in Chapel Hill? We may never know.

5. Notre Dame
W vs NC State

Light week that involved thumping NC State.

6. Florida State
L vs Pitt, W vs BC

Ran into the buzzsaw that is Pitt, but got back on track against BC. Nice recovery.

7. Syracuse
L vs GT, W vs Duke

Drop a game against Georgia Tech and then drop a game-winner on Duke. All in all, a good week.

8. Virginia Tech
L vs Louisville, W vs Clemson

Looking forward to seeing this team in the NCAA tournament.

9. Pitt
W vs FSU, L vs Wake Forest

I cannot understand a team that stomps FSU and then chokes away a loss to Wake Forest.

10. Wake Forest
L vs Duke, W vs Pitt

Should’ve beaten Duke but then had to pull a win over Pitt out of your ass? What?

11. Georgia Tech
W vs Syracuse, L vs NC State

Close win vs Syracuse and then you follow it up with a loss to NC State? Are you actively trying to avoid the NCAA tournament?

12. Virginia
L vs UNC, L vs Miami

Double whammy. Boring basketball. And losses.

13. NC State
L vs Notre Dame, W vs GT

You tried so hard to get this season under control, but…some things can’t be tamed. Almost over now, though.

14. Clemson
L vs Miami, L vs VT

You’ve won 3 of your last 13. 1 in your last 5. No good.

15. Boston College
L vs FSU

I am running out of words for you.