ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings


ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings – 3/2/2017

1. UNC
W vs Pitt, L vs Virginia

Party time in Chapel Hill!

2. Notre Dame
W vs Georgia Tech, W vs BC

This can’t be right. *checks math again*

3. Miami
W vs Duke, L vs VT

You’re good but you’re not this good I don’t even know what is happening anymore.

4. Duke
L vs Miami, W vs FSU

Big time game coming up Saturday. You may have heard about it.

5. Louisville
W vs Syracuse, L vs Wake Forest

Super duper fail in Winston-Salem.

6. Virginia Tech
W vs BC, W vs Miami

Pretty cool not to beg your way into the tournament, isn’t it?

7. Florida State
W vs Clemson, L vs Duke

You guys are really not that good at this road trip thing.

8. Wake Forest
W vs Louisville

When you get a huge win but then remember you’re still Wake Forest.

9. Virginia
W vs NC State, W vs UNC

I think each time I watch you that it’s the worst game I’ll ever see. And then you keep playing.

10. Syracuse
L vs Louisville

You had one game. And it blew up in your face.

11. Georgia Tech
L vs Notre Dame, W vs Pitt

This is fine…this is fine…THIS IS NOT FINE

12. Pitt
L vs UNC, L vs GT

That went entirely as expected.

13. Clemson
L vs FSU, W vs NC State

You won a national championship in football, so who cares about basketball. Even when you lose, you’ve already won.

14. NC State
L vs Virginia, L vs Clemson

Your season is finally over. Does no good to have a nice sports car if you don’t know how to drive it.

15. Boston College
L vs VT, L vs Notre Dame

At least you’ve got hockey.