ACC Football Giftastic Power Rankings: Week 10


Clemson is absolutely destroying everybody. Louisville is absolutely destroying themselves. The rest of the ACC is kind of a mess. Check out the ACC Football Giftastic Power Rankings: Week 10!

1. Clemson
W vs Louisville, 77-16

When you’ve won your last four conference games by an average score of 60-9

2. Boston College
W @ Virginia Tech, 31-21

Quietly the second best team in the conference like everyone predicted. (No, really, everyone in the media did)

3. Syracuse
W @ Wake Forest, 41-24

Who saw Syracuse coming? Not me.

4. NC State
W vs Florida State, 47-28

Big win over a bad FSU team. State is going bowling.

5. Georgia Tech
W @ North Carolina, 38-28

His methods may be unconventional, but CPJ usually gets the job done

6. Virginia Tech
L vs Boston College, 31-21

Things have kinda backfired on the Hokies the last few weeks…

7. Duke
W @ Miami, 20-12

A game that someone had to win, and one which neither team really seemed inclined to do so..

8. Pitt
W @ Virginia, 23-13


9. Virginia
L vs Pitt, 23-13

Just when you think Virginia football is on an upward trajectory…

10. Miami
L vs Duke, 20-12

Here’s footage of Miami’s defense versus Duke’s offense

11. Wake Forest
L vs Syracuse, 41-24

I thought this was the year the Deacs would turn the corner. I guess they’ll keep running in circles.

12. Florida State
L @ NC State, 47-28

Florida State will be good again. It will not be this year, though.

13. North Carolina
L vs Georgia Tech, 38-28

Almost had that one, I thought…

14. Louisville
L @ Clemson, 77-16

I’m running out of things to say regarding how bad things are in Louisville.