ACC Football Giftastic Power Rankings: Week 9


Clemson is good. Louisville is not. How are things looking in between? Check out the ACC Football Giftastic Power Rankings: Week 9.

1. Clemson
W @ FSU, 59-10

The king stays the king. Clemson walking out after the first CFP rankings like…

2. Boston College
W vs Miami, 27-14

Quietly becoming what the media expected them to be at the beginning of the year.

3. Syracuse
W vs NC State, 51-41

Knock knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad you got NC State in the dome?

4. Virginia Tech
L vs Georgia Tech, 49-28

Woo buddy that is not the way you guys expected that one to turn out…

5. NC State
L @ Syracuse, 51-41

Just a poor effort when you needed something better…

6. Georgia Tech
W @ Virginia Tech, 49-28

Yellow Jackets making a little charge. Which means it’s time for something to go wrong…

7. Virginia
W vs UNC, 31-21

*plays Dave Matthews Band’s ‘Ants Marching’*

8. Miami
L @ Boston College, 27-14

Here’s Miami handling preseason expectations…

9. Duke
L @ Pitt, 54-45

All the points. All the loss.

10. Wake Forest
W @ Louisville, 56-35

Celebrating because y’all put up 56 points on Louisville. We’re laughing because you gave up 36.

11. Pitt
W vs Duke, 54-45

Huge win against Duke.

12. Florida State
L vs Clemson, 59-10

Wooo things are bad in Tallahassee

13. North Carolina
L @ Virginia, 31-21

Basketball season is here…

14. Louisville
L vs Wake Forest, 56-35

Yep, basketball season is here…