Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings 1/19/18


1. Duke, 16-2, 4-2
W vs Pitt, W vs Wake Forest, W vs Miami

This may come as a surprise, but Duke is a very good basketball team, sometimes.

2. Virginia, 17-1, 6-0
W vs Syracuse, W vs NC State

Undefeated in conference play. But your schedule has been pretty easy, so far.

3. UNC, 15-4, 4-2
W vs Boston College, W vs Notre Dame, W vs Clemson

I almost thought Clemson had a shot in Chapel Hill this year. Almost.

4. Louisville, 14-4, 4-1
W vs FSU, W vs VT, W vs Notre Dame

Why was Louisville paying all that money before when they’re sitting pretty now?

5. Clemson, 15-3, 4-2
L vs NC State, W vs Miami, L vs UNC

Have cooled off slightly, but still a pretty good team. Maybe?

6. Florida State, 13-5, 2-4
L vs Louisville, W vs Syracuse, L vs Boston College

Things are going to have to start going much better pretty soon.

7. Miami, 13-4, 2-3
L vs Clemson, L vs Duke

Two losses by two better teams this past week. Maybe just a hiccup.

8. NC State, 13-6, 3-3
W vs Clemson, L vs Virginia, W vs Wake Forest

This team plays hard all the time. Plays smart some of the time.

9. Boston College, 13-6, 3-3
L vs UNC, W vs Dartmouth, W vs FSU

I can’t make heads or tails of this team. You want to be good sometimes, and then a 30-point loss happens.

10. Syracuse, 13-6, 2-4
L vs Virginia, L vs FSU, W vs Pitt

Gotta start really digging deep.

11. Notre Dame, 13-6, 3-3
L vs GT, L vs UNC, L vs Louisville

I need Bonzie back in my life. So do the Irish.

12. Virginia Tech, 13-5, 2-3
W vs Wake Forest, L vs Louisville

Gotta get better. It just has to, right?

13. Georgia Tech, 10-8, 3-2
W vs Notre Dame, W vs Pitt, L vs Virginia

*shakes head sadly*

14. Wake Forest, 8-10, 1-5
L vs VT, L vs Duke, L vs NC State

How long has Danny Manning been there? And this is what we’re getting?

15. Pitt 8-11, 0-6
L vs Duke, L vs GT, L vs Syracuse

You’re still here?