Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings 1/2/2018


1. Duke 13-1, 1-1
W vs Florida State

Easily one of the best teams in the country with one of the best players in the country.

2. Virginia 12-1, 1-0
W vs Boston College

Only beat BC by one, but hey, a 1-point win by Virginia is like…

3. Miami 12-1, 1-0
W vs Pitt

Party in the city where the heat is on / Beat Pitt like a drum til the break of dawn

4. UNC 12-2, 1-0
W vs Wake Forest

Is Wake better than we thought? Or is UNC not one of the three best teams in the league? Hmm…

5. Notre Dame 11-3, 1-0
W vs Georgia Tech

Bonzie Colson will not let the Irish die.

6. Florida State 11-2, 0-1
L vs Duke

Y’all see them play Duke? They’re scary, man.

7. Clemson 12-1, 1-0
W vs NC State

Could we see a Clemson victory in Chapel Hill this year???

8. Syracuse 12-1, 1-0
W vs Virginia Tech

Where I am with you guys right now…

9. Louisville 10-3, 0-0
L vs Kentucky

Did not play well at all against their rivals. Here’s a recap:

10. Boston College 10-4, 1-1
L vs Virginia

You are clearly not the worst team in the league, anymore. Which you should interpret as meaning you are also not one of the best.

11. Virginia Tech 11-3, 0-1
L vs Syracuse

The fighting Buzz’s gonna need a lot more fight. I have to keep lowering the bar.

12. NC State 10-4, 0-1
L vs Clemson

Lost a point guard to assault charges and your veteran leader has encased himself in all the bricks he’s laying.

13. Wake Forest 7-6, 0-1
L vs UNC

This team is not good.

14. Georgia Tech 6-7, 0-1
L vs Notre Dame

This team is worse.

15. Pitt 8-6, 0-1
L vs Miami

This team is worstest.