Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings 2/20/18


1. Duke, 22-5, 10-4
W vs VT, W vs Clemson

Two wins in a week where their next closest competition only got one apiece? Good rationale for a return to the top spot, IMO.

2. Virginia, 24-2, 13-1
W vs Miami

You guys are into slow things. So it’s a slow climb up the ladder this week.

3. UNC, 21-7, 10-5
W vs Louisville

Got a win against Louisville. But if you haven’t heard, they’re catching lots of Ls, lately, so we’re not too impressed.

4. Clemson, 20-6, 9-5
L vs FSU, L vs Duke

Get well soon.

5. Florida State, 19-8, 8-7
W vs Clemson, W vs Pitt

I hear ya, Lenny Ham!

6. Syracuse, 18-9, 7-7
L vs NC State, W vs Miami

The oddities of the 2018 ACC hoops season continue…

7. Louisville, 18-9, 8-6
L vs UNC

Lost to UNC and the NCAA took a banner away. In a week’s time. But we saw it happen, so it can’t really go away…

8. NC State, 18-9, 8-6
W vs Syracuse, W vs Wake Forest

Two big road wins to strengthen that NCAA resume. And ice cream.

9. Virginia Tech, 19-8, 8-6
L vs Duke, W vs GT

Can’t win them all, I reckon. But at least it was a loss to Duke, which may have been too big a lift for the Hokies.

10. Boston College, 16-11, 6-8
W vs Pitt, L vs Notre Dame

Hard to justify moving you up any when you beat Pitt. Everyone’s beating Pitt.

11. Miami, 19-8, 8-7
L vs UVA, L vs Syracuse, W vs Notre Dame

No party in Miami this week.

12. Notre Dame, 16-12, 6-9
W vs Boston College, L vs Miami

The tears after that loss to Miami, man…

13. Wake Forest, 10-17, 3-12
W vs GT, L vs NC State


14. Georgia Tech, 11-16, 4-10
L vs Wake Forest, L vs VT


15. Pitt, 8-20, 0-15
L vs Boston College, L vs FSU