Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings 2/27/18


1. Virginia, 26-2, 15-1
W vs Georgia Tech, W vs Pitt

It’s becoming increasingly likely that Virginia is going to win the ACC tournament. Dammit.

2. Duke, 24-6, 12-5
W vs Louisville, W vs Syracuse, L vs Virginia Tech

I’m not saying Duke’s better without Marvin Bagley. I’m saying they’re undefeated when he doesn’t play.

3. UNC, 22-7, 11-5
W vs Syracuse

Heading to Cameron after Duke just lost a heartbreaker on the road?

4. NC State, 20-9, 10-6
W vs Boston College, W vs Florida State

This season no longer makes sense.

5. Clemson, 21-7, 10-6
L vs Virginia Tech, W vs Georgia Tech

Honestly, the team hasn’t completely folded yet, so you get an A for effort here.

6. Louisville, 19-10, 9-7
L vs Duke, W vs Virginia Tech

Lost a championship banner and a game to Duke in the same week. Impressive.

7. Virginia Tech, 21-9, 10-7
W vs Clemson, L vs Louisville, W vs Duke

Quit cussing, you jerks!

8. Florida State, 19-9, 8-8
L vs NC State

Please don’t be angry with me, Coach Hamilton.

9. Miami, 20-8, 9-7
W vs Boston College

Color me unimpressed.

10. Notre Dame, 17-12, 7-9
W vs Wake Forest


11. Syracuse, 18-11, 7-9
L vs UNC, L vs Duke


12. Wake Forest, 11-18, 4-13
W vs Pitt, L vs Notre Dame

The season is almost over you guys.

13. Boston College, 16-13, 6-10
L vs NC State, L vs Miami

The Eagles are losing a little composure down the stretch.

14. Georgia Tech, 11-18, 4-12
L vs Virginia, L vs Clemson

Tech vs the ACC slate this year…

15. Pitt, 8-22, 0-17
L vs Wake Forest, L vs Virginia