Giftastic ACC Basketball Power Rankings 3/7/2018


1. Virginia, 28-2, 17-1
W vs Louisville, W vs Notre Dame

Credit Virginia for lulling Louisville into a state of hypnosis so deep they choked away a 5 point lead in less than a second.

2. Duke, 25-6, 13-5
W vs UNC

Helped kick-start UNC’s winning streak. And then finally put their good vibes to bed.

3. NC State, 21-10, 11-7
L vs Georgia Tech, W vs Louisville

You had a double-bye in your hands and you lost to Georgia Tech?

4. Clemson, 22-8, 11-7
W vs FSU, L vs Syracuse

It’s almost over, guys. Just hang on.

5. Miami, 22-8, 11-7
W vs UNC, W vs VT

2-0 to close it.

6. UNC, 22-9, 11-7
L vs Miami, L vs Duke


7. Florida State, 20-10, 9-9
L vs Clemson, W vs BC

Please don’t hurt me, Leonard.

8. Virginia Tech, 21-10, 10-8
L vs Miami

You can’t win them all. You can win slightly more than half, though.

9. Notre Dame, 19-13, 8-10
W vs Pitt, L vs Virginia

Bonzie back!

10. Louisville, 19-12, 9-9
L vs Virginia, L vs NC State

You guys when you had a win over Virginia in your hands…

11. Georgia Tech, 13-19, 6-12
W vs NC State, W vs Wake Forest

Two big wins to close the year for Pastner’s crew.

12. Syracuse, 20-12, 8-10
L vs BC, W vs Clemson


13. Boston College, 18-14, 7-11
W vs Syracuse, L vs Wake Forest


14. Wake Forest, 11-20, 4-14
L vs Georgia Tech


15. Pitt, 8-24, 0-18
L vs Notre Dame