Giftastic Recap of Louisville at NC State


Haven’t done this in a while, so I may be a little rusty, but for old time’s sake, here’s a giftastic recap of Louisville at NC State

NC State fans were looking forward to a big-time Thursday night game in Carter-Finley like:

The tailgate was liiiiiiiiiiit like:

Louisville’s opening drive ended in a punt:

State makes a huge play to get down to Louisville’s 10-yard line on their first drive:

Only to fumble it away…

The teams trade punts on their next possessions:

Then Finley finds a wide open Harmon for a 48-yard touchdown to put State up 7-0:

Then Lamar Jackson does Lamar Jackson things and ties it up on the next drive:

Finley connects with Jaylen Samuels on a 79-yard pass to put the ball inside Louisville’s 10-yard line:

But the drive stalls and NC State settles for a field goal:

Then State follows up Louisville’s 3-and-out with another big drive that ends in a Nyheim Hines touchdown to put State up 17-7:

State plays the softest defense in the world, allowing Louisville to pull within 17-10 at half-time:

State drives into the Louisville red zone after halftime and stalls…again…with Carson Wise missing a short field goal:

Louisville makes it 17-13 on a field goal and Pack fans start to pucker…

But Nyheim Hines pushes State into the red zone again, finishing the drive with a score to put State up 24-13:

Louisville drives again and makes it 24-19. Lamar Jackson is p good:

Except Hines returns the kickoff 48 yards and State punches it in 5 plays later to go back up 32-19:

The teams trade punts before Louisville scores again to make it 32-25 with 4 minutes to go:

State punts on their next possession and gives Louisville the ball back with 3 minutes to go:


Louisville gets the ball back but can’t do anything with it and turns it over on downs with 36 seconds to go:

NC State wins 39-25, moves to 3-0 in the ACC and wins their first game as a ranked team in 11 years: