Giftastic Recap of the UNC-NCAA Announcement


Just a quick Giftastic Recap of the UNC-NCAA Announcement…

The NCAA announced several notice of allegations, suggesting UNC was in deep shit. UNC fans were all:


With State fans, among others, like:

UNC responded to the NCAA all:

And NCAA responded with:

While everyone watched like:

Then Andrew Carter announced last week that we’d hear the announcement on the case’s resolution last Friday, except that was wrong:

And finally we found out the announcement was coming on Friday the 13th, the same night as Late Night with Roy, leaving UNC fans like:

And most every other fan all:

Then we all woke up this morning waiting like:

And the NCAA announced, after all this time, there would be no sanctions for decades of systemic academic fraud designed to maintain the eligibility of student athletes:

Leaving UNC fans like:


As well as:

And leaving NC State fans like:



Dan Kane responded like:

Luke DeCock popped in for no reason to say:

And the NCAA is basically:


And Roy Williams is all:

And Bubba Cunningham is all:

And sports talk in NC today is all:

Following the announcement, the NCAA to NC State regarding transfer Braxton Beverly’s eligibility:

Meanwhile the FBI is looking at Jumpman like: