Giftastic Recap of UNC at Illinois


Settle in for a Giftastic Recap of UNC at Illionis, who is terrible:

UNC’s run defense gives up a 65-yard touchdown on the third play of the game:

UNC responds with a Mitch Trubisky scamper to make it 7-7:

The UNC defense forces a 3-and-out, but Ryan Switzer muffs a punt for some dumb reason and Illinois gets the ball back:

And Illinois turns that gift into a 14-7 lead:

TJ Logan gives UNC great field position, but the Heels go backwards and settle for a field goal:

Illinois’s quarterback then fumbles the ball while he’s all by himself, giving it right back to UNC:

UNC scores two quick touchdowns to go up 24-14:

Illinois manages a safety before halftime to cut the lead to 24-16:

Illinois the rest of the game:

UNC the rest of the game:

UNC wins, 48-23: