Giftastic Schedule Breakdown – UNC


Giftastic Schedule Breakdown – UNC

Will UNC repeat as Coastal Division champs and go undefeated in the conference? Let’s take a look.

9/3/2016 – Georgia

Let’s hope for our sake it’s more entertaining than the South Carolina game. But they’ll start out 0-1 again.

9/10/2016 – @ Illinois

Much rejoicing.

9/17/2016 – James Madison

Poor James. He never really had a shot.

9/24/2016 – Pitt

Family Weekend. Too bad all those families get to see Pitt beat UNC at home.

10/1/2016 – @ Florida State

Guys…things could’ve gone better to start conference play, I’m serious.

10/8/2016 – Virginia Tech


10/15/2016 – @ Miami

Miami back! Carolina back to being not back.

10/22/2016 – @ Virginia

Virginia sucks let’s be real here.

11/5/2016 – Georgia Tech

Homecoming! Heels will GT home crying.

11/10/2016 – @ Duke

Big Thursday night game at Duke’s renovated stadium! Can Heels handle it? Signs say no

11/19/2016 – Citadel

UNC will have no sympathy for the Citadel on Military appreciation day

11/25/2016 – NC State

Smacked State around last year before they knew what was happening. Will be the same at Kenan this year.

Season Record: 7-5