Naming The Myrtle Beach Bowl Game


Last week, Brett McMurphy of Facebook revealed that the 2020 season would include three more bowl games. 3 more bowl games sounds like something to which the average sports fan would say, “Why do we need 3 more bowl games?” before watching at least half of all three of the new bowl games over Christmas break in a year and a half.

There was more interesting info besides just the addition of the bowl games–McMurphy is good like that–and we know at least 2 of the likely locations for these new games. One will be played in Chicago at Wrigley Field (an idea so boring it’s no surprise someone in baseball came up with it) and the other will be played in MYRTLE BEACH! (other possible destinations for the third game include Greenville, NC and Charleston, NC….also, interesting but MYRTLE BEACH?! Can you believe it? A bowl game being held within 100 miles of South of the Border? A bowl game where the movie Shag is based? Who could have ever dreamed…..

We dreamed it. And along with our loyal SportsChannel8: The Twitter Followers, we tried to come up with the perfect name. Below are some of our crowdsourcing effort. Check the video above for the full segment or listen to SportsChannel8: The Radio Show Saturday from 10am-noon on 99.9 FM The Fan and