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Stat Boi’s Track of the Week #9: Hello, Spring

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The last time I did one of these posts, the Carolina Panthers lost Super Bowl 50 the following day. Crushed with sadness, I’ve listened to nothing but OK Computer the last 10 weeks. It’s been like second semester of freshman year all over again. But it’s time for a change; no more of this!

The Charlotte Hornets are doing things in the playoffs, which is cool, and dope spring television is back: Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley.

The Season 3 SV premiere was outstanding, in my humble opinion, and that continued all the way through the close, when the show — as they’re known to do — played some absolute heat during the credits. This time and was Run The Jewels, a favorite around these parts, teaming up with DJ Shadow to produce this emoji fireball: “Nobody Speak.”

The track hit the interwebs about a week and a half before it played over HBO airwaves. It’s a classic RTJ record, with El-P and Killer Mike passing the proverbial baton back and forth between verses; El Producto found time to sneak a humorous Donald Trump line in there, too. This is also the second single released for the upcoming Shadow album: The Mountain Will Fall (omg, is that a Game of Thrones reference?!), which is set to drop at the end of June this summer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re grinding in your cubicle at work or bending corners on a hazy Sunday afternoon, this number will get the job done.

Also, courtesy of our fearless news director Ben Swain, here’s an excellent aggregation of all of the songs Silicon Valley has used for their closing credits — Silicon Valley Music.