A Week in the Life of State Fan


A Week in the Life of State Fan – A Giftastic Voyage

The basketball team beats #2 Arizona in the Battle 4 Atlantis:

Then they lose back-to-back games to Northern Iowa and Tennessee:

Then find out that Arizona might not be all that good:

The UNC game starts out the opposite of what you want and State goes into halftime down 2:

But they rally and win the game 33-21:

Meanwhile, several football head coaching gigs open up and folks start asking if Doeren is a candidate:

Tennessee fans when they hear the news of an impending hire of Greg Schiano:

And after a few public denials, Dave Doeren’s name comes up more seriously:

And Debbie Yow’s response:

Then a report comes out from Dan Wolken saying that Doeren was close to accepting the Ole Miss job and is interviewing with Tennessee officials:

But our superhero Joe Giglio refutes that claim:

Clay Travis says some things that are wrong and dumb:

National media starts spouting off random nonsense as it relates to State fans and their feelings on Doeren:

And then State fans are left in the unfortunate position of defending Doeren when there’s not a whole lot to defend, really:

Meanwhile, the basketball team defeats Penn State in the ACC/B1G Challenge:

We found out late last night that Doeren is seriously considering Tennessee and NC State offers, so we wait for news:

Tennessee fans at the mention of Dave Doeren:

After some back and forth today, Doeren announces he’s turning down Tennessee to stay at NC State:

Meanwhile, in Tennessee: