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Ben Swain

Hoping to cut his journalistic teeth on the Iraq war, Swain was instead mistakenly assigned the North Carolina sports beat as an intern out of college. He threw himself into the work with the same fervor he anticipated taking to the front lines and has become one of the most respected voices in modern sports media. He’s also a Duke fan from Durham County who went State. And Guilford.

College Football Playoff Poll – Week 12

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North Carolina climbed from 23rd to 17th in the College Football Playoff poll on Tuesday night, and as we’ve come to expect each week, the committee’s comical explanation of the rankings clouds the reality that they pretty much have teams slotted appropriately. We projected the Tar Heels at 17th through a simple counting exercise of… Read more »


How to talk to your kids about Cam Newton

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As reported by the Charlotte Observer this morning, Rosemary Plorin of Nashville wrote a letter to Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton to communicate the impact that Newton’s fourth quarter touchdown and celebration had on her nine year old daughter, who happened to be attending her first ever NFL game on Sunday. The Plorins were sure… Read more »

College Basketball

Move, McCloud, Here Comes Steph


During the 1995-96 NBA season, while playing for the 26-56 Dallas Mavericks, swingman George McCloud (an ACC legend, I presume, who played at Florida State from 1985-89) attempted an NBA single-season record 678 three-pointers. Considering the relative dearth of volume three-ball shooting during this time period in the league’s history, this is an astonishing number. McCloud… Read more »


#TBT The First UNC football win over Duke


There have been 110 editions of the Duke-UNC football rivalry. Out of all of those games there has only been one game played on November 12 (today). In 1892, UNC beat Trinity 24-0. Coincidentally it was the first non-forfeit win for UNC in the Duke-UNC football rivalry. This game was also the first UNC football win in… Read more »


This Week In Point Shaving – The Backdooriest of Covers


Undefeated TCU an undefeated Oklahoma State met on the gridiron on Saturday. Most expected a high scoring Big 12 affair, as did Las Vegas who set the total over/under of this game at 75.5 Heading into the 4th quarter, this game was a blowout with Oklahoma State leading 42-16 (58 total points). Those expecting that… Read more »