Mitchell Trubisky Should Start For The Bears and Mike Glennon’s Nickname Should Be “Bridesmaid”

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I blame the high expectations for NC State football.

Whatever the reason, after hearing over and over that Mike Glennon is DEFINITELY THE BEARS STARTER AT LEAST FOR THIS WHOLE SEASON everyone watching completely threw that out the window that when former UNC passer Mitch(ell) Trubisky looked pretty good for a half of football against back-ups and Glennon looked really bad playing with and against the preseason first string.

After the game Bears coach Mike Fox (sounds familiar, but I can’t quite place it) said Glennon is still the Number 1 guy. Ok.

Why does this not bode well for Glennon, even if it feels like a classic overreaction to one preseason game? Because this script is all too familiar.

Yup, much like a 00’s Rom Com, we can guess the ending to this saga. And it doesn’t look promising for Mike.