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Josh Goodson

Country strong and city wise, Josh handles imports and exports for the network. He handles a little of this, and a little of that. If something needs to get taken care of at Sports Channel 8, he can take care of it. And if you need a guy, he probably knows a guy. He’s also a State fan from Lenoir County who went to UNC.

Prop Bets: Super Bowl + UNC/Notre Dame Hoops

Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday, the most gambled game in the sports, we decided to throw together a few prop bets that also incorporate the UNC vs Notre Dame basketball game. Which of these will be higher: Isiah Hicks fouls vs Stephen Gostkowski made Field Goals UNC/ND Total Points vs Edelman + Hogan receiving yards… Read more »

Saturday ACC Basketball Opening Betting Lines


We reach an important part of the ACC schedule as most teams are beginning the 2nd half of their ACC schedule. Saturday has quite a few games. Here is what the good folks in Vegas think with their opening numbers: Virginia -7 @ Syracuse Pitt @ Duke -15 Louisville -15.5 @ BC Miami -2 @… Read more »

College Hoops Preview Podcast, Pt. 3

The SC8 Podcast

Our College Hoops Preview Podcast with Matt Jones and Ben Swain concludes with Part 3, where we focus on Duke and Kentucky–the two teams CBS hopes will face each other in the finals. How much do the programs care about each other? What will need to happen for either team to add another trophy to the… Read more »

College Hoops Preview Podcast, Part 2

The SC8 Podcast

Our College Hoops Preview Podcast was so jam-packed with fun topics we had to break it into 3 parts. In Pt. 1 we talk about the state of the college basketball game, and in Pt. 2 we talk specifically about the upcoming season, which teams will compete with Kentucky and Duke for a title, and… Read more »

John Forslund Knows His College Basketball


Where else but North Carolina would you find hockey announcers talking college hoops? The Hurricanes broadcast team of Tripp Tracy and John Forslund began a dialogue after a contest winner had the last name ‘Pitino’–a name Tracy rightly recognized as not being from one of the NC schools. In Tripp Tracy’s defense, Pitino DID coach… Read more »

College Hoops Preview Podcast, Part 1

The SC8 Podcast

Even as the state of North Carolina has added NBA, NFL and, more recently, competitive college football teams, one thing has always reigned supreme: College Basketball (and, NASCAR, sort of…but MOSTLY….college basketball) It should be another great year for hoops in the state as Duke shoulders the mantle of preseason #1, UNC returns a ton… Read more »