Author: Brett Thompson

Brett Thompson

Bottom 8 North Carolina Sports Moments of 2016: Day Two


2016 sucked. It’s a cliche opinion, but it still rings extremely true in the final stretch of the year. In the past week alone, we’ve seen more Grayson Allen shenanigans and the confirmed extension of the neverending war between UNC and the NCAA. It’s a bad time. It’s year-end list season, and instead of compiling the best moments… Read more »

Accentu8 The Positive: Week One of College Football


It’s college football season in North Carolina, and with that comes a slew of negativity from either fans about their own teams, or rivals mocking their opponents. We love all of our NC teams here at SportsChannel8, so we look for positives in each team’s performance. Appalachian State (20-13 L (OT) at Tennessee): LOL nope…. Read more »

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#SurvivingRio Part 6: Masking Reality

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Tuesday night in Rio de Janeiro, a projectile penetrated the glass of a bus taking journalists from Deodoro to the Main Press Centre in Barra. Reports have varied between stones and bullets breaking the glass and injuring two passengers, but that doesn’t change how frightening the situation was, or how easily that could have been… Read more »

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#SurvivingRio: First Impressions

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When you go abroad, the friends you make are as important as the memories you make. That’s something I’ve learned from various family members and friends when they’ve returned from foreign countries, and it’s something that I’ve already begun to grasp after two days in Rio di Janeiro preparing to cover the Olympics. UNC-Chapel Hill… Read more »

#SurvivingRio: The Day Before

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“Welcome to HELL.” For the past few months, Rio de Janeiro has been swept up in controversy after controversy as it prepares for the 2016 Summer Olympics. First responders are underpaid and protesting. The Zika virus is spreading at an alarming rate. Premeditated attacks have been stopped. The water is vile and contaminated with human… Read more »