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Josh Goodson

Country strong and city wise, Josh handles imports and exports for the network. He handles a little of this, and a little of that. If something needs to get taken care of at Sports Channel 8, he can take care of it. And if you need a guy, he probably knows a guy. He’s also a State fan from Lenoir County who went to UNC.
College Football Betting

Against The Spread: Week 7

Only five games on the slate this weekend, so not much opportunity for Josh Goodson, our Director of Research & Gambling, to gain much ground on the rest of the field. In fact, his 9-17-1 record against the spread is so bad that the station is stripping him of his SportsChannel8 Employee of the Year… Read more »


This Week in Point Shaving: October 12th

#CollegeKickers If you have been watching enough college football you know what that means. Kickers are people too. They just tend to be people who will rip your heart out at the most inopportune times. For “This Week In Point Shaving” we head to Toledo, Ohio. Toledo dominated this entire game leaving zero doubt they would… Read more »

College Football Betting

Against The Spread: Week 6

Though Josh Goodson, our Director of Gambling, is doing as well against the spread as Mike London’s defense so far this season, we push ahead with another week of guaranteed locks in games featuring NC teams. Click the image to enlarge.


Goodson: This Week in Point Shaving; Week 4

Good Ole Rocky Top woooo Don’t ever Bet On Meeee…… Not sure if that’s how the song goes, but it rings true after the sketchiness that went on in Gainesville this past Saturday. “This Week In Point Shaving” takes us to Gainesville, FL as one inexplicable 69 yard touchdown play changed the outcome in BOTH… Read more »


Goodson: This Week in Point Shaving

While most of you were asleep (well unless you are a degenerate and bet on a game that started at midnight EST), you missed out on the newest edition of “THIS WEEK IN POINT SHAVING”. We go to Honolulu, Hawaii. The Rainbow Warriors are laying 22 points against FCS level foe. After sleepwalking through the… Read more »