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Josh Goodson

Country strong and city wise, Josh handles imports and exports for the network. He handles a little of this, and a little of that. If something needs to get taken care of at Sports Channel 8, he can take care of it. And if you need a guy, he probably knows a guy. He’s also a State fan from Lenoir County who went to UNC.

Who to Bet On…Week 3 NC Edition


All seven of the FBS teams in North Carolina are in action this weekend. Our crack research team has come up with some trends for each of the teams to maybe give you some guidance when you call in a play to your guy, if you know a guy. NC State -23 vs Old Dominion… Read more »

Giftastic Recap of Wake Forest at Duke


Here’s the Giftastic Recap of Wake Forest at Duke, a battle of the privates: Wake’s opening drive goes nowhere, which is exactly where it went vs Tulane: Duke gets the ball and immediately goes on a 17. Play. 60. Yard. Drive. The next 8 drives go as follows: PUNT, FUMBLE, PUNT, PUNT, PUNT, MISSED FIELD… Read more »


ACC Tournament “Scalptology” Primer

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We are just 17 days until the official start of the 2016 New York Life ACC Tournament in Washington DC. The ACC tournament returns to Washington DC for the first time since 2005. One of the biggest side stories that surrounds the ACC Tournament is always the ticket scalping scene. Immediately after games are completed… Read more »

College Basketball

Your Team’s Biggest Win: SC8 Big Four Basketball Preview

Duke Biggest win: February 17th at North Carolina How you’ll react: Duke OWNS North Carolina and that’s not changing anytime soon. Four in a row. 11 out of 14. This team is ready to go back to back, y’all. If [Insert Grayson Allen, Brandon Ingram, or Luke Kennard] isn’t player of the year, it’s media bias. What… Read more »

College Basketball

Your Team’s First Basketball Loss: SC8 Big Four Preview

Duke First Loss: November 17th vs. #2 Kentucky How You’ll React: Whatever. It’s November. It’s a good learning experience for a young team who won’t have to deal with the expectations of trying to stay unbeaten. Kentucky still won’t win when it counts. If Coach K kept his one and dones back like Calipari, Duke would have… Read more »