Author: Brian Geisinger

Brian Geisinger

While he could probably do the job of the news director (who JUST got got on snapchat last week) better than him, for now Brian is working for Sports Channel 8 because he can work from home and they agreed to pay for half of his NBA League Pass. Next he’ll probably either work for his friend’s new bakery in downtown Raleigh or tend bar because at least those places he’ll meet girls. He’s also a Wake Forest fan from Guilford County who went to State.
Charlotte Hornets

Hornets No Match For Westbrook, Durant

On December 11th, the Charlotte Hornets went into Memphis — The Grindhouse — and defeated the Grizzlies by 24 points; the victory made them 14-8 and, temporarily, second place in the Eastern Conference. Life was good: the Hornets were top-10 in offense, defense, and three-point shooting; they were also playing a faster-than-ever pace under Steve Clifford,… Read more »

8 at 8

Sportschannel8 at 8 – Wednesday, January 20th 2016


  You could say that things in Raleigh hadn’t exactly gotten off to a good start for N.C. State basketball this season. You COULD say that. After losing five straight game — all ACC contests — the Wolfpack went on the road to Pitt Tuesday night, and thanks to 14 points from this guy… …State… Read more »

8 at 8

Sportschannel8 at 8 – Monday, January 11th 2016


Yeah, I know — it’s not 8 a.m. but it’s a Monday, so deal with it. You should be honored by our lateness: N.C. State went west along I-40 Sunday to face off against Wake Forest for like the one millionth time; Cat Barber played 40 minutes (he’s currently averaging 41.33 minutes per game in… Read more »

Charlotte Hornets

Hornets Fans, Know Your Foe: Lob City on Saturday

Things are going, eh, not so great for Buzz City at the moment. After back-to-back wins against the Grizzlies and Lakers, the Hornets have backslid: losing five straight games by an average margin of nearly 11 points. Injuries have zapped the team of it’s offensive firepower — specifically the playmaking and shooting of the versatile… Read more »

Charlotte Hornets

The Dancing Bear Conquers

There’s never really a “good” time to play against the Golden State Warriors — they’re a godless juggernaut sent to destroy your scheme, team and dream. However, it’s even less ideal of a matchup when you’re playing for the third time in four days, traveling cross-country, and in the middle of a three-game losing slide…. Read more »

Stat Boi's Track of the Week

Stat Boi’s Track of the Week #5


Welcome to a special holiday version of Stat Boi’s musical posting — Christmas Eve edition! As you well know, the Christmas album that’s sweeping the nation right now is A Very Panther Christmas: Vol. 14-0. However, these aren’t the only holiday tracks I like to bump while sipping egg nog; as usual, we turn to OutKast. Going… Read more »

Charlotte Hornets

All I Do Is Lin (60 Percent of the Time)

After departing Wednesday’s loss to the Magic early due to an illness, the Charlotte Hornets decided to give forward Nicolas Batum the night off on Thursday, too. Batum, who has played on an all-star level since arriving in North Carolina, was replaced in the starting lineup by the team’s backup point guard: Jeremy Lin. The first-year Hornet… Read more »