Author: Ben Swain

Ben Swain

Hoping to cut his journalistic teeth on the Iraq war, Swain was instead mistakenly assigned the North Carolina sports beat as an intern out of college. He threw himself into the work with the same fervor he anticipated taking to the front lines and has become one of the most respected voices in modern sports media. He’s also a Duke fan from Durham County who went State. And Guilford.

8 things: Duke’s still going to win the NCAA championship

1. Hi Is Duke definitely going to win the NCAA championship? No. Come on. Of course not. But we had to get you here somehow, and nothing pulls that off better than a headline saying that Duke is undoubtedly winning the NCAA championship. So what’s up? Thanks for stopping by. There’s some good stuff below… Read more »

Farmer’s AlmanACC: Hostess Cupcakes and the NCAAs

Do you guys remember when we were growing up and the teachers would bring in a TV cart so we could watch Duke vs. North Carolina during class? What do you mean they never played on a weekday during lunchtime? Isn’t that when the best rivalries are played? What ACC fans all DO remember about… Read more »

Farmer’s AlmanACC: It’s Virginia and everyone else

Man, a lot happened this weekend in ACC basketball. Let’s start with what Virginia beating Duke means for the Wahoos. It’s January 29th and Virginia has the ACC regular season race locked up. It’s over. With the tiebreaker over Duke, the Blue Devils would need the Cavs to drop 4 of their last 9 games in a… Read more »

Duke’s Brotherhood strikes again with Zion Williamson

Internet sensation and 3rd ranked high school senior Zion Williamson shocked the college basketball world yesterday by passing on Clemson, North Carolina and Kentucky in order to join Duke’s unstoppable and ever-expanding “Brotherhood”. There’s a lot to unpack from that statement, so let’s break it down into digestible pieces: Zion williamson as a player As we’ve… Read more »

Duke beats intramural team in televised scrimmage

Who won? Not Pitt, that’s for sure. Duke won the game 87-52 for their most-lopsided ACC road win since 1999. How? In the first 3 minutes of the game, Duke shot 3-4 from the floor including (shockingly) 2-2 from three point range. During that same stretch, Pitt turned the ball over 3 times and the… Read more »

Carolina Panthers predictably fall short against the Saints

I’m not sure what the decision makers for the Carolina Panthers see when they look at this team. From the outside looking in, it feels like they see a dominant running team with speed on the outside to stretch defenses who load the box, and an impenetrable defense that keeps the other team’s offense on… Read more »

OLD FARMERS ALMANACC: Pump the brakes on weekend conclusions

There’s no way NC State should ever lose to UNC-Greensboro. The Wolfpack should always have a better coach and better players, and that should always be enough to win the game. But even though they did lose, NC State losing to UNC-G isn’t THAT bad of a loss in the context of the ACC. How, Swain? You ain’t… Read more »