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Weather Moose

Much like Darren Rovell pioneered the “sports biz” industry and almost as beloved, the Weather Moose has blazed new trails in both “sports meteorology” and “moose meteorology.” He is become the trusted source in North Carolina for the answer to all-important question: Is my tailgate going to get rained on. He has also affirmed the credo that a picture is worth 1,000 words but a gif is worth infinity. He’s also a State fan from Johnston County who went to State.

Giftastic Schedule Breakdown – ECU

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Giftastic Schedule Breakdown – ECU 9/3/2016 – Western Carolina A nice cupcake rolls into town to get the Montgomery underway with warm and fuzzies. Let’s drink to vic- Oh, you’re way ahead of me there. 9/10/2016 – NC State State brings a talented backfield to Dowdy-Ficklen. Not going to go well. 9/17/2016 – at South… Read more »

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#SurvivingRio Part 6: Masking Reality

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Tuesday night in Rio de Janeiro, a projectile penetrated the glass of a bus taking journalists from Deodoro to the Main Press Centre in Barra. Reports have varied between stones and bullets breaking the glass and injuring two passengers, but that doesn’t change how frightening the situation was, or how easily that could have been… Read more »

Merge Records night at the Durham Bulls


Minor league baseball does promotions better than any other league across the entire world of sports. Yes, that’s typically out of necessity due to challenges like ever-changing rosters, unpredictable summer weather, and the fact that it’s baseball. But no matter how you feel about the sport, North Carolina offers hands down the best minor league… Read more »

Olympics TV Schedule: Men’s soccer kicks off today


Today’s Olympics TV schedule consists entirely of men’s soccer, and though the United States didn’t qualify for the tournament, intriguing match-ups abound. * Iraq vs. Denmark, 12:30 NBCSN * Honduras vs. Algeria, 2:00 USA * Brazil vs. South Africa, 3:00 NBCSN * Mexico vs. Germany, 4:00 USA * Portugal vs. Argentina, 5:00 NBCSN * Sweden… Read more »

Reactions to the UNC’s NOA Response


UNC’s NOA response to the NCAA was released yesterday. Based on several valid arguments, UNC shrugged off many of the charges, much to the dismay of some. Or the delight, depending on your perspective. So how did everyone react to the document? Well… Tar Heel fans: NC State & Duke fans: National Media: NCAA: Those… Read more »

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#SurvivingRio: First Impressions

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When you go abroad, the friends you make are as important as the memories you make. That’s something I’ve learned from various family members and friends when they’ve returned from foreign countries, and it’s something that I’ve already begun to grasp after two days in Rio di Janeiro preparing to cover the Olympics. UNC-Chapel Hill… Read more »

Cam Newton hat

People still don’t know how to deal with Cam Newton


The Carolina Panthers kicked off practice this week, and already everyone is talking about Cam Newton again. Cam clearly confident at Panthers’ first training camp practice: — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) July 29, 2016   Cam Newton can have a blonde goatee all he wants. He’ll ALWAYS be the guy who didn’t dive on the… Read more »