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Ben Swain

Hoping to cut his journalistic teeth on the Iraq war, Swain was instead mistakenly assigned the North Carolina sports beat as an intern out of college. He threw himself into the work with the same fervor he anticipated taking to the front lines and has become one of the most respected voices in modern sports media. He’s also a Duke fan from Durham County who went State. And Guilford.

Bowl Projections for the ACC: Week 3


It’s bowl projection time, and how do you NOT put Louisville in the playoff? Plenty of ACC teams have appeared poised to join the top tier over the last few years before being exposed at the hands of Florida State or Clemson. What Louisville did to the Seminoles yesterday was completely off script, however. Complete… Read more »

Celebrate cupcake week with #SportsChannelAte


With many good games front loaded in the college football schedule, week 3 is typically a cupcake week for most teams. Wake Forest is certainly one of those teams as they’ll follow up their big win at Duke with a 6:30 kickoff against the Delaware Blue Hens. We’re ready to go ahead and call that… Read more »

College Football Week 3: SWOT Analysis


Everyone does football previews. Only SportsChannel8 gives it to you in the form of a SWOT analysis. What’s a SWOT? Take it away, Jared … Strength: Wake Forest loves showing off their D, and that’s not just a Riley Skinner joke. The Deacs are 2nd in the ACC in scoring defense, and Junior defensive lineman… Read more »

Who to Bet On…Week 3 NC Edition


All seven of the FBS teams in North Carolina are in action this weekend. Our crack research team has come up with some trends for each of the teams to maybe give you some guidance when you call in a play to your guy, if you know a guy. NC State -23 vs Old Dominion… Read more »

ACC moves championships; what if the Big 4 left too?


On the heels of the NCAA announcement that they’ll be removing championship events from North Carolina due to House Bill 2, the ACC has followed suit and will relocate neutral site championships scheduled to be held in North Carolina this academic year. This includes the ACC football Championship Game that had seemingly found a permanent… Read more »

How to act at work: Week 2 of NC football


The workplace is the most diverse place in North Carolina, partially because our governor doesn’t have jurisdiction over private business, but mainly because every office has fans of every team working together closely. There’s nothing like a North Carolina office after a big weekend of sports. There’s trash talking, commiserating, conspiracy-theorizing, and celebrating … all in… Read more »

What’s on the line: College Football Week 2


After an incredible opening weekend of college football, week 2 is typically a time to step back and settle into the season to give voters a chance to truly process what we saw in Week 1. No ranked teams play each other today, and the main event for college football’s 2nd Saturday is the Tennessee-Virginia… Read more »